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Know What to Expect

When You Work With Us

Building a Relationship Beyond FinancesBuilding a Relationship Beyond Finances State College, PA LFM Wealth Management

Our connection with you as a client is as honest and unique as the circumstances you’re facing. We focus on identifying your needs and addressing them in the most approachable and easy-to-implement way so that we may ultimately help you pursue your goals.

As partners, we focus on a multi-step process that gets to the core of what your values are and how we can address your goals together. With collaboration and hard work, we can decide on what strategies will best benefit you in the near future.

What to Expect

1. Explore

Our initial consultation should help us determine what you’re looking for and how we can address your needs. We will identify your objectives and make sure there’s a good fit as we decide whether or not to move forward together.

2. Analyze & Design

Through analysis of your current finances based on what you’d like to achieve, we will determine what optimal asset allocation looks like for you personally. We will ask that you organize your finances and put together any information regarding your assets that will provide a helpful idea of your financial picture.

3. Present

We will discuss what options may be best in order for you to find success moving forward and put a plan together to make this a possibility. By working together to nail down any details of your financial plan, we’ll be able to properly implement them into your life.

4. Implement

As we implement your newly developed plan and help you understand the strategies involved, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to help you succeed and in order to do that, we will provide you with any assistance available.

5. Adapt, Sustain & Grow

Maintenance of your finances is crucial to sustaining a balanced financial life over time. We will help monitor your portfolio with regular check-ins to ensure that you’re adapting well to any implemented changes. Discipline is key and requires limiting distractions that might pull you from a confident financial standpoint.

Ready to Get Started?

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